Feng shui to heal the

home space and

coaching to balance

what comes up...




                        the Overthru          

Personal Energy & Space
ASSESSMENT                          $75
One hour ~
Written Compilation
Personal Gua and best directions
& pointers to begin.                                    



                     Cleansing Chi  


Removes stagnant 3nergy.
Cleanses residual pain & fear.
Energetically Freshening
Harmononically Balancing



                                Coaching Feng Shui           

the    Intro 2 X 4                                 $800

4 sessions tailored 2 individual client, emphasising Feng Shui or Coaching as appropriate.

                   Learn to let go and trust...

Each visit blends work in clearing space, & creating gratitude, to understand the power of creation.





Quick as a whip and sharp as a blade?
yet still haven't got what IT is...

This program'z for you.

Readily re-configure;
exploring energenetix
and the price of deficit ; )

pithy participant?
open t'awareness
fulfill'd possibility...
person responsible.

A collector, a salesman... with heart in tatters?
RipStitcher Men't'ions                      
call for details...                            $550 /month



Infinity 8 Basics Workshop                 $888/pp

Systematic learning
integrated healing
.8. seminar hours

        *       Saltwater Dry
        *       Healing Release
        *       Auditory Heeling
        *       Essential Visions
        *       Gratitude Cleanse
        *       Bioaware Wellness
        *       Conscious Essentials
        *       Energenetic Vibration


   Organizational Gratitude    
   Cleanse             $500+

recreate healing harmony
Balance personal energy
through person / people
Cleanse position, 2 heel
Fullday pathway course
refreshed unified vision
functioning parameters
within, without ❤ home