Effective Growth & Healing
                        lie in the wake of Letting go


Dwellings, or space;
energy that shapes us.
representation of ourselves;
Chaotic, neat, disorderly, sweet,
Dwellings are continual co-creators.

Explore missing peace, find blockages,
Locate that which is getting in ones way,
Recognize the unnecessary and remove it.
Identify missing peaces, and welcome them.

Steps in healing inner-space, and people too.
Addressing layout and furniture arrangement.
Affects, through alteration,  individual's space,
Managing the effects can have profound effect.
on each and every inhabitant, and their future.

Space conveys what about you; envelops you
and how does it shape you? meld mold make

Holding on too much to what? Letting go.
Are there some clusters from the past?
Disrepair and disregard in living,
Effects on how you're feeling.
Ready to begin shifting?
How feels success?

   ❝Yang! It is written;
                       yin it envelops❞