Yazmin'z. blog . As it began...
October 8th, 2006

an in the beginning, and in the beginning it was a spiral. A spiral of energy and joy. And as the spiral danced, the spiral spun and spun, and joyously, realizing it could divide to create, split to prosper, did so. And then the two spirals danced, side by side.

The pureness of the spirals was displayed in their simplicity and joy and in their simple composition for it turned out the spirals were light and joy dancing yes, but on closer inspection they noticed they were tagged repeateadly with four clusters, these clusters climbed the vertical thrust of the spiral, the backbone if you will. A C T and G found themselves part of the energetic piece, And while some may know them as Adenine, Cytosine, Thymine and Guanine, They knew themselves as Trust, Clarity, and Action,
in an act of Gratitude.

Life then began in essence; in divide and prosper, through the ACT of Gratitude.

Manifesting abundance
October 19th, 2006

As I get good in the drivers seat of the spiral, I begin to recognize what I create through gratitude and focus. And so as all nature of abundance manifests in my life I sit tall in reverent gratitude, and trust, knowing that everything is happening as it needs to, in a grand & intricate universal dance of energy.

Reaching into Bliss
November 16th, 2006

I notice now, the difference in connection, in relationships; the difference in authentic communication. The difference of connecting with another, reaching with yours into their eyes and touching the soul. I notice now, the subtleties created by not looking another in the eye. I notice the glazed wall of glass between me and average connection. I notice now, the other hurt when I look away and not meet their gaze. I become now, aware of that I send into the universe and choose to see how the universe responds. Possibility belongs to choice. I choose now to reach out of circumstance and into bliss...

The Corner Coffee Shop
April 11th, 2007

It is a magnet for the neighbourhood, this coffee shop. The cluster of three on the same corner each draw their share, though this one, perhaps due to the well known logo and name seems to draw the most clients.

In the past week, the inner space has been rearranged by management and the effect is profound, for the blast of energy from the door seems to push the clientele into the corner protected from the rush of the door. All exposed seating now only fills up when the protected seating is gone.

It's a fascinating study of some of the principles of Feng Shui.

While it may be big-boxesque, it is still in my neighbourhood and healthy environments create healthy people. Soon we will be transforming the space into balance and comfort through reconfiguration...

(On the wrong track here I must of been, for then I was given a broken arm, or perhaps it was the magnetic poetry word 'arm' discovered later; grimey, and under the fridge...)

Feng Shui's energy
   as is everything
Shift the flow
   & learn to serve


intoo the spiral
May 5th, 2007

Moving right along, even I am astounded at the energetic shifts allowed when a commitment is made. Seeing it both in myself, and in those I'm working with. My commitment to a course in Feng Shui has blossomed into a plethora of new business opportunity. In my space too, much has changed. Shifts allowed through the letting go of what is no longer necessary while continuing to honour what was, have opened and abled me emotionally, to give and receive authenticity.
How does authentic feel for you?

March 3rd, 2008

Rolling toward the creation of the next superpower, that which enables the energy to destroy or knot.
We need to be aware of the divine imbalance on the planet and recognize what would set us right. It is not to be set 'right' for there is no 'wrong' but it is to set along the path of 'the way and leave behind the path of the Wait for weight is a man-made conception which drags and hinders. LIGHt, that which we are, is but love, on an infimitessimally small prick, and we are but light blessed energy without mass or wait.

Wait not with the weight but become the light. Stretch past the energy of suppression and recognize the truth through love in ourselves and within each other, sew without hatred, darkness; love, lift, light, laugh, live, learn. Hex 'A' Gone!! Sh'yin

Women of the moon
March 8th, 2008

I didn't remember myself but a message from a friend came to let me know that it is IWD.
To me it seems like a insignificant day among all the days dedicated to something however as I recognize the importance of women (and people) finding their place and learning how to have effect in the world I want to share a resource that has had effect for me.

Last summer I bought a 13 moon calendar which as you may guess is based on moons and not on the twelve month system. The calendar is beautiful and informative and the moon cycle begins in the summer Being female with a cycle (emotional and otherwise) linked to the moon and also being highly intuitive, I believe that our society structured around the abstract twelve months is not serving me nor any woman. Those who are experiencing the fear and hatred rising in the world may wonder if the 12 moons are serving any of us. I encourage all, but especially women who want to find effective ways to link to their power to become attuned to the cycle of the moons again.

April 5th, 2008

I feel now,
what it is like for the ego to slip away?
to leave behind,
essence without fallacy or fake

opening expansive expressive entirety
emergent innocent enveloping awareness


; )

Feng Shui in the City
September 23rd, 2008
I sit here in the art garden, the Yorkville Park Garden, a most marvelous place within Toronto. The Edge, the vibe the beauty can be found in other places in the city but here, only here can one find these delightful long grasses to run ones hands through and these miraculous mini mature trees planted among the gravel. The rocks, oh the rocks. Alas the big one, cut to be transported and its scars remain a bit of a travesty although healing energy reigns around and due to it. And certainly the other large chunks, cut from the Canadian Shield are bliss enhancing. In the art garden, amongst the trees and near the grasses, breathing unto me their O2, and negative ions, bliss out, I relax in wonder.

Perhaps the feeling, inherent in the location comes form the earlier and bohemian energy granted Yorkville from decades of hippies and era of freedoms so lost to the common now

It matters not, for the serenity in watching the pigeons, or feeling the earthy rock vibe or basking in filtered sunlight under those trees, those trees cause me to re-wake the wonder of the first pages of the Lorax.

Yet the pigeons still swoop, the cars still hum by in an endless line and the chatter of people passing, while not unnoticed, becomes like the art, of the garden. I melt into this place knowing fully that it heals my soul, restoring balance from insanity and allowing the temporary alleviation of the ache of lacking green. Here in the city. Concrete. Glass. Growing daily. But these trees, these trees, that grass be where I leave my heart, my soul in Toronto.

Though the iron guard of our city is unaware. This healing place restores balance to the people and sanity to an insane reality. Reconnecting subtle ways to the energy from the earth without which we're less alive, and far less well. With these gardens the quality of life increases. With each public garden, cities become evermore humane.

dan'icing with Snoopy
January 29th, 2009
dancing with ether
which ether that be
that bees you you know
if you disturb that fine tree
it might dance with your cat
& sting does like rainwater
a mist full of dog
and nutrients thus
can grow a rich bog

thy fog heals the ether
and ether be wee
tho we can not see it

yet feel it in she
Eye ask you're awareness
to feel in this truth

a rich sort of dancing
knead knot photo booth