Life & Skills specialist
                                     Yazmin channels divine love
                                        ☯Teaching  theWonders of❤
                                    to groups and all ages

A healer in many respects, with a background stretching through Biology, Fine Art, Language, Growth, Education, and Healing Feng Shui, Yazmin has been practicing the art of internal & environmental wellness for over 15 years.

A youth spent in Southern  Ontario, Canada was the dawn to this lifepath; further experiences stretching beyond the breadth of Whistler, BC; Seoul, SK; Yangshou, China; Istabul, Turkey; and more added powerful influence.

Profound energy sensitivity makes Yazmin a natural at her practice with an uncanny ability to shift solid and intangible energy to affect, and helpfully effect, those she works with, and those who are present.

In what way are you ready to grow?


consciousness cent'ere
blissfully balanced
in St. Clair West